Buying guide: How to choose a mosquito net ?

buying guide mosquito nets

Buying Guide: All you need to know about mosquito nets?

Do you know that mosquitoes are a real threat for you, your children and your pets ? Indeed they can transmit to you serious disease like dengue, Zika, Malaria and more … Unfortunately, there are no vaccines for most of these diseases, the consequences can be very serious so.

Therefore, protecting yourself from mosquitoes is necessary. There are several ways to do this, you can use a repellent or a mosquito trap, but the simplest is to buy mosquito nets, we will explain you why in this buying guide.

Our team will answer to these questions:

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What is a mosquito net?

A mosquito net is a mesh of polyester or metal that can be either specially made for your bed or for your windows and doors. The purpose of these mosquito nets is to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from entering the house, while still having the possibility of leaving the windows and doors open for fresh air.

pest net

Why buy a mosquito net?

The best reason is that there is nothing more annoying to hear a mosquito buzz when you try to sleep and wake up with dozens of bites.

There is other pros and cons but at the end our team still recommends mosquito nets as a very good option to get rid of mosquitoes.


  • The majority don’t use chemicals  
  • No need to think about lighting traps or plugging an anti mosquito. So it doesn’t consume electricity. 
  • There is only the cost of buying. No need to buy refills like some traps
  • It’s a long-term investment to save money
  • This allows you to sleep peacefully with a flow of fresh air.
  • Some mosquito nets are portable, which is very convenient if you travel while camping


  • If you have a lot of windows, it can be expensive.
  • Forgetting to close the mosquito net or badly install it, will expose you to mosquitoes
  • It may not be very aesthetic

What are the main types of nets ?

Impregnated mosquito nets:

Firstly, mosquito nets can be divided into two broad categories, those impregnated with a repellent and those that are not.

Those impregnated are with permethrin, a chemical compound known to repel mosquitoes or kill them if they land on them.
These mosquito nets are very effective, they are often in a form easily transportable because it is recommended to use them if you sleep temporarily in a place infested with mosquitoes carrying disease, otherwise it isn’t recommended to use them for where you live most of the time because of chemicals.

There are two procedures for obtaining these mosquito nets.

The first is a deep impregnation of the fibers of the net. The mosquito net has effectiveness of 3 years and last up to 15 to 20 washes at 30 °  (86ºF).
The other method is soaking the mosquito net in a permethrin solution. This process is considered effective for 6 months. They last up to 3 to 5 washes at 30 ° C (86ºF).

All mosquito nets are washable. Warning: the effectiveness of the impregnation decreases with each wash.


adhesive net

Adhesive mosquito nets:

You can easily fix these screens yourself, they are normally found in all possible sizes of windows at very affordable prices.

Either your frame is metallic and you can use a magnetic bar to fix the net or you can use an adhesive tape.

Roll-up mosquito nets:

By pulling the cord or by pressing a handle, you bring it down and up. Really easy and fast to use.

 The openings are not cumbersome so they are the best nets if you need to open your windows often !

Moreover the protection potential is very good.  

roll up mosquito net
door nets

Door nets:

Very practical if you want a large opening to let the air gets inside your home.
In addition, the opening is often made with magnetic frames, you can open it very easily and it will close automatically. No risk of leaving it open and perfect if you have animals, they can go out alone without bothering you!

Bed nets :

Bed nets are perfect if you want to be fully protected when you sleep.

It can be found on a large frame that larger than the bed, they are useful if you can not easily hang the mosquito nets on the ceiling, but are not transportable.

Thus, the other big type of bed mosquito net is the ones you hang on the ceiling. Their opening is a little more bulky but they are very practical, indeed you can easily take them with you if you go camping or detach them for washing.

Some people find them aesthetic or other not at all.

bed net canopy
baby bed net

Children Nets:

Your children must also be protected from mosquitoes.

These mosquito nets are perfect for your child to take a nap inside.

In addition, they are easily transportable and you can take it with you outside so that your children play safely inside.

How to select the best mosquito net?

First Question is what type choose ?


 Are you planning to visit a place known to be infested with disease-carrying mosquitoes and are you going camping or sleeping in a room that doesn’t already have a net?

Then you need a mosquito net easily transportable that you can hang in your tent or in your rental. The best would be that it is also impregnated with repellent for more efficiency!

Do you want to be protected when you are at home?
So this poses a new question: What is your budget?

  • If it is very tight, just a bed net could be enough to at least protect you at night.
  • If it is medium one or you don’t have too much window, adhesive nets are a good option.
  • And if you have a good budget, which doesn’t need to be huge either, then roll-up mosquito nets and magnetic door screens will make your home a true peaceful place without mosquitoes and other insects.


Second question is what look for before buying it ?

A mosquito net must have a tight mesh, Otherwise the product will not keep all the insects outside ! For example a mosquito measures 0,3 to 1,9 cm (0.125 to 0.75 inches).

Your mosquito net should also:

  • Be made of fiberglass if it is a window net because it is the most resistant material outside. 
  • Waterproof for better weather resistance.
  • UV resistant
  • Anti fire
  • The design must fit your home
  • The opening must be easy.
  • Must be perfectly sized to avoid passing mosquitoes


Now thanks to this buying guide you know all you need if you plan to buy a mosquito net !  

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If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us !

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