Buying guide: How to choose a mosquito trap ?

buying guide mosquito traps

Buying Guide: All you need to know about mosquito killers.

Do you know that mosquitoes are a real threat for you, your children and your pets ? Indeed they can transmit to you serious disease like dengue, Zika, Malaria and more … Unfortunately, there are no vaccines for most of these diseases, the consequences can be very serious so.

Therefore, protecting yourself from mosquitoes is necessary. There are several simple ways to do this, you can use a repellent, have mosquito nets or use a mosquito trap/killer, the last is the subject of this buying guide.

In this buying guide, our team will answer to these questions:


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What is a mosquito trap ?

A mosquito trap, or also called mosquito killer, is a device that will attract mosquitoes and some other bugs and will suck it up with a fan or zap them. If the mosquitoes are suck in they will die by dehydration or drowned in water.

schema of a mosquito trap or killer

Why buy a mosquito killer ?

There is several pros and cons but at the end our team still recommends mosquito traps as a very good option to get rid of mosquitoes.


  • Really easy to use it, just have to think to turn it on and it will do the jobs alone.
  • Most of these devices, when properly chosen, are truly effective and can reduce the mosquito population in one place.
  • They don’t use chemicals, they are therefore less dangerous than skin repellent containing DEET or Picaridin, a good option if you have kids.
  • You can enjoy your garden safely thank to it for an affordable price.


  • These devices can have an annual cost, for electricity even if they consume very little or for the attractants of some types of mosquito traps.
  • The most effective are those using CO2 emission or attractants but you can’t use it indoor, especially in toddlers room.
  • If you use it indoor and you want to be sure that all the mosquitoes were trap, you have to think several hours in advance to turn it on, close the room and not enter in during the time. Therefore, it is not really convenient.
  • A bad use can totally reduce the effectiveness.

What are the main types of traps and how do they work ?

Female mosquitoes look for mammals to bite in order to get enough blood for their eggs.

Thus, to find mammals, mosquitoes are sensitive to heat of our warm blood, specific light radiation, CO2 and octanol that we emitted by our body

Therefore, mosquito killers will use one of this way to attract the insects.

You understand that if a mosquito trap use all the ways it will be the most effective but obviously the most expensive. Moreover some methods are not safe indoors.

Let us give you more details on how mosquitoes are attracted:


Heat And Light Mosquito Traps:

These mosquito killers will mimic the body temperature of a mammal thanks to infrared and LED/UV, but don’t worry these UV are safe because very low ! Moreover the light is calibrated to be on the range that attracts mosquitoes.

Mosquito traps that only use heat and light are recommended for indoor use. For two reasons, the first is that their attractant potential is too low for big area, mosquitoes don’t spot the trap well and wind will significantly reduce their effectiveness.

Second reason, as they don’t use CO2 or other smelly attractants they are better for indoor. You will understand why just after.


Carbon Dioxide and attractants Mosquito Traps:

There are different ways to obtain Carbon dioxide emission, one is by propane that is converted to CO2 by combustion, another is with special coating releasing CO2 when heated.

Theses traps have to be used outdoors, indeed their effectiveness is sufficient over a long distance and will easily attract mosquitoes.

Furthermore, having a device that produce CO2 in your room is not safe for your health, especially for children. Moreover, propane is inflammable and is a risk to your home!

Traps  can also use attractants, scientifically proven to be very effective, to attract tiger mosquitoes and other disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Octenol and Lurex 3 are two attractants known to be more effective than CO2 emission.


Homemade Mosquito Traps:

There are many videos and tutorials on the internet to make your homemade mosquito trap. We have also written an article on it.

Usually, to attract mosquitoes, you will have to use a mixture of sugar and baker’s yeast. The yeast will generate carbon dioxide (CO2) by metabolizing sugar.

Warning: The effectiveness of these traps is really low because the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted is quite low and will not attract a lot of mosquitoes. Thus, if you live in a place where mosquitoes can carry serious diseases, we don’t recommend this kind of trap.  

How to select the best mosquito trap ?

First question is what is the purpose of a mosquito killer for you ?

  • You are often in your yard and you want to enjoy it peacefully ? If yes, you should try to reduce the mosquito population in the long term, therefore a powerful trap using CO2 or attractants will be needed. The right choice will be determined by the area to cover and your budget you can allocate each year.


  • You just go sometimes in your garden, and don’t wan to be bothered by mosquitoes when having a drink with your friends ? A smaller trap than recommended previously, not necessary with CO2 emission,  will be enough to attract the insect away from your activities for a moment.


  • You don’t want mosquitoes in you house ? When you are sleeping ? An indoor mosquito trap using heat and light will be safer for your family and effective if your room doesn’t exceed 30 square meters.

Second question is what is your budget ?

You have a good one and can cover the annual cost ? So the most effective and convenient traps are for you.

If your budget is tight,  indoor traps are better for you, you pay  little electricity amount and are less convenient to use but will do the job.

How to use your new mosquito killer ?

Outdoor traps:

The most effective way to use your trap is to place them close to breeding areas, such as stagnant water, but still at a distance from your usual activities. Indeed, if it is too close to you, mosquitoes attracted by the trap can target you first if you are on the path between them and the trap. Thus, wireless mosquito killers are really convenient but more expensive.
In addition, most traps should be placed at least 1 meter above the ground, but it is better that your children can’t touch them.

Normally, they are weatherproof, but it may be better to install a place a little sheltered from the wind and rain.
In addition, the traps must be far from anything that could set it on fire, like a barbecue, we remind you that propane can explode!


Indoor traps:

First, use only a mosquito trap that doesn’t emit CO2 indoors, especially in the toddler’s room.
If your room is less than 20 square meters, one trap should be enough, if more you should buy more.
The usual way to use a mosquito trap is in your bed room, 2-3 hours before bedtime, turn it on, close all windows and doors and leave the room.
Whenever you use an indoor trap, you should not be in the room because you will be the first target of the mosquitoes.


Now thanks to this buying guide you know all you need if you plan to buy a mosquito killer !  

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If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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