Selection of the Best mosquito traps available in Malaysia in 2021.

Versatrap mosquito killer

Why buy a mosquito trap in Malaysia ?


Because mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects on earth! If you didn’t know, check out our article on our flying enemies. And you know what ? Mosquitoes are everywhere in Malaysia!

It is therefore important to protect yourself from it.

Mosquito traps are a very good option if you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes without having to put chemicals on your skin. The advantage of mosquito traps is that they can be easily moved depending of your activities in your home and garden. Their effectiveness is good and they normally don’t use chemicals, so they can be safe for you, your children and your pets.


So if you are here it’s because you want to know what are the best mosquito traps in 2020!

But before that, if you are wondering how mosquito killers work and what you need to know if you plan to buy them in stores, don’t hesitate to read our buying guide.

 It is extremely important to know how to use your mosquito trap, otherwise the effectiveness will be disappointing. 

Now, our team will present to you the best mosquito zappers available in Malaysia. 

Remind you that we don’t advertise for a specific brand, we truly want to give you objective advice.

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Outdoor mosquito traps


1) MOSCLEAN UV LED (Team selection n°1)


This one is recommended for indoor and protected outdoor area up to 300 square meters.

It is a no zapping or buzzing trap and you don’t need to buy expensive attractant !

The trap works by using UV light to generate heat as do a human. Then the fan traps them inside where they will die. This method was proven in several scientific publications as this one. 

As you see no harmful chemicals used for this mosquito trap !

One advantage is that Mosclean is quite lightweight so you can carry it where you want in your house or outside, but if you want to put it out please be careful not to expose it to rain and wind. The trap is a bit fragile.

Pros Cons
  • Indoor&Outdoor
  • Only UV LED so quite safe for all family
  • Low consumption cost
  • Portable battery
  • Misuse reduces its performance completely
  • Attractive power may be lower than the following




2) Flowtron BK15D


One of the most popular outdoor electrical insect killers in the world. Indeed, the value for money is really interesting and it is noted 4/5 by more than 10 500 customers on Amazon and you can order it from Malaysia.

The lamp is powered by a 15 watt bulb and can cover ½ to 1 acre depending of the version.

The trap uses an attractant to attract mosquitoes and then kill them by dehydration. It is therefore recommended to place it more than 25 feet from all human activities if you do not want to be stung by mosquitoes attracted by the trap.

This mosquito trap is easy to set up and start and doesn’t need frequent cleanings.

But you may need to replace the bulbs frequently and some customers complained that the trap could attract and killed bats that are useful against mosquitoes.

Pros  Cons
  • Very good customer feedback
  • Effective over a wide area
  • Some pieces can break
  • Attracts bats
  • High annual cost due to attractants and bulbs


3) Mosquito Magnet® Independence


Mosquito Magnet is a popular American brand name with a good reputation. The sole official Malaysian distributor is Versajaya. The advantage is that provides you a good consumer support online

It may be a bit expensive but it really works. Mosquito Magnet can protect larger yards with up to a 1 acre area and killed thousands of mosquitoes 24h/24h. Furthermore, the results are quite quick, from the first week you can see the number of mosquitoes in your garden decrease.

Mosquito Magnet builds their traps in such ways that the unit emits carbon dioxide (CO2), heat, and moisture from the inner tubes, while the flared outer tubes vacuum the nearby bugs without sucking up the emitted gas. 

The net is easy to replace and you don’t need to touch the dead insects.

Last advantage, Independence is cordless and is powered by a rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery. So you can place this insect trap away from your outdoor living space, but still near mosquito breeding and resting areas.

One of the disadvantages is that you have to change the net every 21 days to keep a good efficiency and buy attractants.

Is the price being a problem for you, you can look at the Mosquito Magnet Patriot, from the same brand, still effective but a bit cheaper because it is not cordless.

Pros  Cons
  • Good customer service
  • Famous brand 
  • Effectivness proven
  • Effective over a wide area
  • Cordless
  • Expensive but worth it
  • Annual cost due to attractants


Indoor mosquito traps


1) Selamat Mosquito Killer (Team selection n°2)


A cheap option but after having reviewed the comments and its mode of operation, the efficiency seems quite satisfactory.


First the ultraviolet lamp produces light which creates a strong visual attraction to mosquitoes. Then the odour Titanium Dioxide coating in this device release CO2 as human body and attracts the mosquitoes.

Moreover the heat released from this insect killer enhances the attraction to many insects. Finally the fan in this device will vacuum the insects into the storage base, where they die from dehydration

One of the disadvantages is that it can cover only 60 square meters and must therefore be used only in closed rooms in order to be really effective.

Pros Cons
  • All methods are scientifically proven
  • Good efficiency
  • Good price
  • Not really design
  • Not cordless
  • Not totally safe for toddlers due to CO2 emission


2) Versatrap

If you remember we already spoke about Versajaya company at the beginning. The good news is that they launched their own indoor mosquito trap, the Versatrap.

It is an affordable trap that works nearly as the previous one but without CO2 emission that makes it safer for a toddler room. The efficiency is providing by a better UV lamp but can still be less effective.

We were seduced by its elegant design that almost makes it a decorative object

The protection coverage is approximately 225 square feet of area, a size like in a mid-size bed room. It provides the best solution in kids’ room.

A big advantage is as it is a Malaysian brand you have access to a quality customer service and could go see the product in store as in Giant Bandar Puteri.

It is recommended to start it approximately 2-3 hours before your bed hours, and let it on for until the next morning to see the result. It can be a bit restrictive because you have to think about it and let all lights, fan, air-conditioner switch off while keeping all doors and windows shut.

Pros Cons
  • Safe for toddlers
  • Only 5W
  • Customer service in Malaysia
  • Not cordless
  • Must be on all night
  • Can be less effective than other with CO2 emission


3) Mosquito Killer Lamp LED

This mosquito trap is well known in Malaysia. 

It only uses a Led lamp so it works as the Versatrap that we presented to you before and is totally safe. 

According to the feedback we have had it is very effective, mosquitoes are captured each time.

It has 4 great advantages: it is quiet, it can be charged by USB and is wireless which allows to move easily, and last but not least the design is very nice!

Pros  Cons
  • Safe for kids
  • Design
  • Proven effectiveness
  • Cordless
  • Must charge it often
  • Must clean the storage box every day
  • Can be less effective than other with CO2 emission


This was a selection of the best mosquito & insect traps available in Malaysia in 2021. We hope that this guide was helpful for you. If it was, please like&share our FB & Twitter page to encourage us.

We have other selections on mosquito nets and repellents for adult, kids, and pets that are a great protection option too !

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