The best bed nets available in Australia 2021

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Why buy a mosquito bed net in Australia ?


Because mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects on earth! If you didn’t know, check out our article on our flying enemies.

It is therefore important to protect yourself from it.


There is nothing worse to spend a night getting woken by the buzz of mosquitoes and waking up with a dozen bites!

Using a repellent before sleeping is not the best option because of the hazardous chemicals and using a mosquito trap can increase your electricity consumption. 

So having a bed net can be very practical. It is completely silent, there are no chemicals released so completely safe for your family, and once you buy there is nothing to pay after! But if you think that bed nets are not convenient, maybe the better way to protect yourself against mosquitoes is to have window & door nets. Don’t worry we have also a selection of the best product available in Australia. 


Before to start, if you want to buy your bed net in a store, check our buying guide !

It is extremely important to know how to use your bed net, otherwise the effectiveness will be disappointing.

Now, our team will present you what are the best mosquito bed nets available in Australia 2019. 

Remind you that we don’t advertise for a specific brand, we truly want to give you objective advice.

Looking for a kid bed net ? Scroll directly by clicking here !


1) Kikar pyramid Bed net

This one is perfect if you need to transport your bed net.

This bed net unfolds and folds very easily. The material is solid, washable and you breathe well inside.

You can drape it over camping beds or put it inside a big tent. The interior space is large enough for two people.


However it is not impregnated with repellent, so nothing will prevent the mosquitoes to enter inside if you don’t pay attention or to wait at the opening to sting you!

And to conclude, it’s really cheap !

  • Easily transportable
  • Perfect for camping
  • Good interior space
  • Solid materials
  • Not impregnated with repellent




3) Camping Hammock Mosquito Net

You like to sleep outside ? Enjoy the nature ? 

This hammock is perfect for you ! With the mosquito net you won’t be annoyed by flying bugs !

The product have a 227kg weight capacity and only weights only 640g.

 It comes with an attached bag with all its installation tools

Pros  Cons
  • Perfect for camping
  • Life guarantee
  • High quality and breathable fabric 
  • Transportable


3) Elegant King Bed Net 


This Bed net is a bit more expensive than the previous one but is totally perfect if you have a king bed size !

 The set up is easy, you can hang it from the corners of your four-poster bed for an added touch of style and elegance or hang up the bed canopy to the ceiling or the wall. 

Major drawback, it’s difficult to transport but with its three entries it remains really convenient.

Pros Cons
  • Elegant design
  • King bed size
  • Not transportable
  • Not impregnated with repellent
  • The frame can be a bit unstable


4) Bed Canopy

This bed net is height of 250 cm and can adapt to large bed size and baby cots also.

The material is polyester but is not treated with repellent. You can wash it and it is a durable material. You can use it either in your home or when you camping.

The 60 cm ring can be folded, so the net is easy to transport, store and clean.

Other good point ? The two openings that make it easy to get in and out !

Pros Cons
  • Nice design
  • Adaptable size
  • Easy transportable
  • Good reviewed by customers
  • Not impregnated with repellent


Kid bed nets


1) Baby bed net

Your baby should also be protected when sleeping, especially since the diseases that mosquitoes transmit in Australia can be very serious for young children.

The advantage of this bed net is that you can fold it and move it very easily, so it can be used to sleep in but also for outdoor activities, thus your child can play safely inside !

  • Exist in several models 
  • Not impregnated with repellent, so it’s totally not hazardous for the baby
  • Easy transportable
  • A bit small


2) Full baby bed net

Do you want your child to sleep like safely ?

With this product your child will spend very beautiful nights !

The net is all over the bed so mosquitoes can’t get in but you baby can still breath normally.

  • Elegant design
  • Maximum protection
  • A bit expensive

3) Stroller mosquito net

Do you like to go out with your child ? This stroller net will save your baby from the bites of mosquitoes !

The set up system is really simple and premium quality elastic band make it simple to hold it in place and put it on and off your stroller, carrier or other device

  • Easy set up
  • Perfect for strollers
  •  Check the size of your stroller


4) Teen bed net


Your boy or girl is no longer a baby ? But they still need to be protected from the mosquitoes. 

This bed net is perfect for a teen room, especially for a girl.

Pros Cons
  • Easy set up
  • Perfect for teen room
  • Nice design
  •  Not impregnated with repellent



This was a selection of the best mosquito & insect bed nets available in Australia in 2019. 

But maybe you have realized that a bed net is not the best for you, maybe you should read our article on window & door nets or mosquito killers that are a great option too! 

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