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The best mosquito spray in Malaysia 2020

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JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA- MAY 20, 2019: Ridsect Mosquito Spray Aerosol sold at super market in Johor, Malaysia.

Why buy a mosquito spray in Malaysia?



Because mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects on earth! If you didn’t know, check out our article on our flying enemies.

Unfortunately, they are everywhere in Malaysia and they can transmit diseases. It is therefore important to protect yourself from it.


There is several way to protect yourself against mosquitoes. 

For example, there are very good mosquito repellents when you go outside. You can also use a mosquito trap when you want to quietly enjoy your garden.

When you are at home, there are of course mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes from entering and indoor traps to trap those who get there.

A more radical method is to use a spray to kill these pests!

There are two major ways to use them:
– Spray a large amount in a closed room and wait outside for the product to kill mosquitoes
– Spray directly on the mosquito that has been circling you for a long time and that you cannot crush!

The spay is solutiion to get rid of mosquitoes quickly but not permanently.


Our team will present you what are the best mosquito spray available in Malaysia in 2020. 

Remind you that we don’t advertise for a specific brand, we truly want to give you objective advice.



1) Shieldtox

A very good brand of mosquito spray with good reviews from customer. 

You can buy them per 3 for a cheap price. The delivery is fast with a safe packaging.

A large quantity of product that will help you to kill mosquitoes for a while. 

Pros Cons
  • Effective
  • Good quantity
  • Good reviews
  • Safe delivery
  • Keep away from foodstuff and children



2) Aneka Neem Oil Spray

This spray uses natural products in order to be effecient, therefore it is quite safer than other using chemicals but you still have to use it with precaution because the oil in the spray can cause eyes irritation. 


The spray is effective against mosquitoes but also against a large brand of insects like aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers planthoppers … 

Pros  Cons
  • Natural & less toxic
  • Effetive against a wide range of insects
  • Good shipping
  • Even if natural still can cause irritation


3) Blacktop 

A good Malaysian brand  with a good effectiveness. 

The seller describes well how to use it

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, the product cannot be delivered to East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak).

Pros  Cons
  • Effective
  • Quite Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Can cause irritation
  • Not available in East Malaysia



This was a selection of the best mosquito spray available in Malaysia in 2020. 

Rememeber that there is other way to get rid of mosquitoes like mosquito traps and repellents !

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